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MSA Development

The Milk Suppliers Association (MSA) is a Co-operative made up of 131 dairy farmers based throughout South West Scotland that supply approximately 210 million litres of milk per annum to a creamery in Stranraer owned by Lactalis. Lactalis is a leading global dairy business and the largest European milk processor. The creamery at Stranraer produces a range of cheddar cheeses under the brands Seriously Strong, Galloway and McLelland. Cheese is also supplied to retailers for their individual own label brands.

Up until 2012 the farmer group acted on an informal basis with a board of invited farmers acting as a liaison committee. At this point, there was a significant level of dissatisfaction from dairy farmers across the UK about the price of milk and an initiative led by local farmers resulted in the formation of the MSA. The Scottish Government and SAOS both provided assistance to help establish the group. Lactalis also supported its development. The MSA is now an officially constituted Co-operative which has a democratically elected Board of Directors to act on behalf of their members. The purpose of the MSA is:

  • To represent members and to negotiate on their behalf terms and conditions of the milk contract and payments.
  • To act at all times in the best interest of members.
  • To provide a forum for farmer members to discuss issues and needs.

To achieve our purpose, the MSA undertakes a number of activities that include:

  • Holding regular meetings with our customer Lactalis and other industry stakeholders.
  • Employing specific expertise on milk contracts and pricing.
  • Employing a Company Secretary to maintain proper records and accounts.
  • Providing Directors with appropriate training.
  • Supporting our customer Lactalis in their marketing.

The MSA gives members a stronger voice in the market and political developments, access to the latest market information, and delivers new initiatives and opportunities for innovation.


  • Rory Christie (Chairman) farming at Dourie Farm near Port William.
  • Robin Austin farming at Barstobrick near Ringford.
  • Charlotte Armstrong farming at Kirvennie near Wigtown.
  • Robin Hamilton farming at Barmoorhill near Tarbolton.
  • Stuart Hamilton farming at Knowehead near Hurlford.
  • Euan McCaig farming at Kilhilt near Lochans.
  • James McMiken farming at Arbrack Farm in the Isle of Whithorn.
  • David Nelson farming at Redcroft near Parton.

Company Secretary

Hamish Walls. Hamish is a Project Manager for SAOS. He helped the group through their initial stages of formation and now provides the MSA with secretarial and other professional services.

External Expertise

Steve Bradley. Steve Bradley is a dairy industry consultant who provides independent milk price information and is an expert on producer milk contracts.

Latest News!

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Knowledge Innovation and Transfer Project

The MSA has been able to access funds from the Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Fund to assist 30 MSA members. This project seeks to reduce cost and help members save money using a new approach which has been tried and tested in other industries. It has also been successfully piloted on two dairy farms in Scotland.