SAOS are Scotland’s experts on farmer co-ops and food industry collaboration. They provide a range of specialist information, development and consultancy services and are owned and governed by there members.  For more information see

AHDB Dairy provide a wide range of support for the UK dairy industry.  For more information see

Lactalis is a global dairy business.  In the UK the business markets over 607 branded products and has creameries situated in Aberystwyth, Stranraer and Lubborn.  For more information see

Dairy Crest Direct is the UK’s only Dairy Producer Organisation.  It represents 360 dairy farmer members.  For more information see is an organisation dedicated to informing dairy industry stakeholders about the latest dairy market information.  For more information see

Farm Stock (Scotland) Ltd is a farmer owned, livestock marketing co-operative dedicated to maximising returns to livestock producers. Based in the Scottish borders and operating throughout central and southern Scotland, it is owned by six farmer co-operatives – Scott Country Lamb, Lothian Lamb, Galloway Lamb, Ayrshire Lamb, Caledonian Organics and the Milk Suppliers Association.  For more information see

Latest News!

The essentials of running a successful dairy business?

May 13, 2019

The AHDB asked about the characteristics of running a succerssful dairy busienss and more in their recent podcast with @Rosy_Lane Holsteins’ Lloyd Holterman. Listen here.

Knowledge Innovation and Transfer Project

The MSA has been able to access funds from the Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Fund to assist 30 MSA members. This project seeks to reduce cost and help members save money using a new approach which has been tried and tested in other industries. It has also been successfully piloted on two dairy farms in Scotland.